Stop the nastiness in politics: MPs need a new Code Of Conduct

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We are four young people from Salford and Manchester who think politicians should be people we can look up to and be inspired by.

But recently in the House of Commons we have seen MPs joke about domestic abuse, shouting at each other, and using words like "betrayal" just because they disagree.

The four of us have dreams of working in politics in order to change society for the better. But seeing the way these adults behave and the abuse that they face will put young people off going into politics. It makes us doubt whether we ourselves should ever get involved and aim to work somewhere like that.

The language used by some political leaders over the last few months has been so nasty, insulting, and dehumanising.

We don't see how they can stand there and talk to each other in that way when they are meant to be sorting out issues of national importance. There’s no way we’d get away with speaking like that in school or college, so why should they?

So that's why we have worked with RECLAIM in Manchester and Compassion in Politics - who want to make politics kinder and more inclusive - on a new Code of Conduct we want MPs to all agree to. This would ensure that from now on MPs must:

- Not use violent or de-humanising language or name-calling
- Commit to showing each other, the public and their staff respect
- Put the interests of the public first, prioritise healing division, and help engage more people in politics.

We are asking the Speaker of the House of Commons to introduce this new Code Of Conduct as soon as possible - please sign so that he knows just how many people agree with us.

Young people like us are being shown an appalling example by some of our politicians and are being put off getting involved as a result. Please sign our petition to make politics a place of respect, honesty, and dignity.

Thank you.

Lisa, Jaiden, Olivia and Precious