Make Urine Testing Safe for Patients and Save the NHS Millions - Introduce A Protocol

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Providing a urine sample may not be everyone’s idea of a conversation topic but it’s a conversation that must be had.

Every year over 65 million urine samples - clinically also referred to as specimens - are requested by doctors and healthcare professionals in the UK so that health conditions can be correctly diagnosed and treated.   That’s roughly equivalent to one sample for every member of the UK population.  

There are various guidelines around collecting a urine sample, but unlike blood samples,  there is no national protocol that medical professionals have to follow.  This means up to 14.6 million samples are worthless as they will be contaminated before reaching the laboratory.

So what does this mean?    It means 1 in 4 of us not receiving right-first-time diagnosis and treatment and millions of pounds being wasted in unnecessary retests, repeat appointments and personnel resources.  It also means the over-scribing of unnecessary antibiotics which is a real concern for public health as antimicrobial resistance is on the rise.

Not being diagnosed correctly will have dire and irreversible consequences for some patients.

Providing a urine sample should not be a hit and miss opportunity for good health.   The national average for contaminated samples is 22.5%, which is far too high.  But in some places around 70% of urine samples are contaminated.   Clinical evidence shows this can be significantly reduced if a protocol is introduced.

MUST – Make Urine Samples Trustworthy – is a national initiative by medical, health and patient organisations led by The Urology Foundation, Bladder Health UK and The MAMA Academy, calling for the national adoption of a “gold standard” for the collection of urine samples.

The MUST campaign is essential for the long-term health of the nation – in that it offers better outcomes for patients today, it safeguards the future of tomorrow’s generations and lets the health care sector deliver the services they are committed to do cost effectively and efficiently.

Demand Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment - Demand A Protocol For Safer Urine Analysis

Sign the MUST Petition Today to save the NHS millions and get better diagnoses for patients.

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  • Number of urine samples taken each year:  65m
  • Average unreliable samples:     22.5%
  • Number of failed diagnoses every year:  14.6m
  • Unplanned admissions due to UTI: 184,000
  • Cost of treating those admissions:  £434m
  • Hospital acquired infections ie Sepsis caused by UTIs:  19.7%
  • Blood infections with urinary source:  47%
  • UTIs resistant to common antibiotics:  21%
  • Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) instances with a urinary source:  50%