Petition to Request Simon Hou to Resign from Adelaide City Council

Petition to Request Simon Hou to Resign from Adelaide City Council

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Serious Guy started this petition to The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Sandy Verschoor

Disclaimer: This petition to request Simon Hou to resign from the city council is solely on the ground of the absence of formal condemnation on wage theft from Simon Hou. All opinions expressed in the petition are my own and I do NOT represent any organisation in this petition. This petition is not affiliated with any petition of similar nature anywhere else.
免责声明:这份请求Simon Hou从阿德莱德市议会辞职的请愿仅由于Simon Hou并未对工资盗窃(在中文中也被称为“无薪加班”)做出正式谴责。在本声明中的表达的所有意见均为本人个人意见, 且本人在此请愿中不代表任何组织。此请愿与其他任何性质相似的请愿无关。

The Funtea incident stormed the Chinese Community in Australia in the last week. The victim has received support from a wide range of organisations. However, the comments of Simon Hou, Central Ward Councillor for the City of Adelaide, is seen as unsatisfactory in some eyes.
上周,Funtea事件在澳洲的华人社区掀起了惊涛骇浪。受害者从范围广泛的个人与组组织收到了支持。但是,阿德莱德市议会中部选区议员Simon Hou对此事的评论,在一些人眼中是不令人满意的。

I am still unable to find any formal condemnation from him on wage-theft. He openly admitted that he knew the alleged assaulter before this incident. The absence of condemnation infuriated some in the Chinese community.

This is the end of the petition.



It is a dangerously unprecedented shame in Australian political history that an elected councillor threatens to sue a student over email to council regarding the bubble tea shop incident. The aggressive oppression of freedom of speech and harassment of an underrepresented university student are seriously violating freedom of speech in Australian values, which is one of the most important foundations of our democracy.


We should be vigilant of this councillor's political ideology. There is the rule of law in Australia. Wage theft is ILLEGAL. It is appalling for an elected politician to defend such illegal conduct in a city council meeting.


461 have signed. Let’s get to 500!