The Removal of Kerry Taylor as coach from Graham High School

The Removal of Kerry Taylor as coach from Graham High School

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Devils for a Change started this petition to You

The Parents and community of Graham High School along with other concerned citizens will start a petition called “Devils for a change”

This petition is for the removal of the head football coach at Graham High School. The morale of the players are at an all-time low. The program has suffered greatly and does not have a hope of improving in the future under this coach,

Kerry Taylor was hired in 2016, in the three years under him he has had three completely different staffing changes, players refusing to return to play for him, players transferring to other schools citing him as a reason for the change, not able to outfit a junior varsity football team despite the number of students enrolled in the school and over-all safety and self-esteem of his players.

The Graham High School football program has a rich and storied tradition of excellence over the years. We the citizens of Graham and concerned interest feel that the football program at Graham under Taylor is failing and causing the over-all program to take a step back. More importantly our young men are walking away from the football program and not embracing it. 

The community and alumni have sat back and watched, as well as listened to our student athletes, as they walked away from our football program and voiced concerns regarding Taylor leaving too many good young student athletes are walking the halls of this outstanding school, choosing to not participate in extra circular activities. Under all three seasons we have watched the JV football program becoming nonexistent, while another school that has the same footprint as Graham outfit JV teams.

The attendance at home games are at an all time low and his team is listed as the worst team in Alamance County with other parents going online making comments and laughing at the program that now directly affects the players. School Administration have refused to address this issue as if they approve the failure of the football program at Graham High School by calling concerned parents as conducting “witch hunts”

 Strong justification of the coach’s consistent performance which includes, but not limited to creating an unsafe learning environment for the athletes, humiliation and demeaning, disrespectful behavior, emotionally and indirectly physical abuse, taking the fun and passion that athletes once had for the sport. This also creates performance disrupting dissension among players by having two different sets of rules for his “chosen few”, treatment of players by being disrespectful after a loss. Along with coaching staff members citing his abuse and name calling during meetings have surfaced and over-all poor conduct or behavior unbecoming of a leader or role model.

As we go into a new area where we NEED coaches that can connect with the kids NOT lose them with horrific play calling, Non-constant with his scheduling which leaves the kids ill prepared and, therefore, susceptible to injury.

A rude and incompetent coach who continues to act as if personal insults and disgraceful behaviors motivate and give good example to our children. The school system has a policy against bullying but certainly does not follow it when it comes to coaches.  

Talk behind their backs, dishonest in his interactions with players then do nothing constructive to help your players learn and grow as athletes and individuals.

Currently the community sees Graham High Football as a joke and kids aren't interested in playing. That can be turned around by first removing and replacing the current coaches. All of them.

Whomever reviews his performance should also be fired. Not sure why we tolerate our sons being treated this way. As parents, if we were to treat our sons this way we would be investigated by children services. It's time for a change.

  The job he is doing is very unsatisfactory, as he has failed the program time and time again. If he is allowed to continue coaching, there will eventually be no team.    

This petition / letter will be sent to the following media outlets and posted on social media, it’s time for the admission at Graham and the Alamance Burlington School system be held responsible for his actions.

If you allow it, you APPROVE it.

Social Media distribution list:


School distribution list:

Graham High School – 903 Trollinger Rd, Graham NC 27253

Alamance Burlington School System – 1712 Vaughn Rd, Burlington NC 27217

Alamance Burlington School Board – 1712 Vaughn Rd, Burlington NC 27217

NCHSAA – 222 Finley Golf Course Rd. Chapel Hill NC 27515


Media distribution list:


WFMY NEW2 – 1615 Phillips Ave. Greensboro NC 27405

WGHP Fox 8 – 2005 Francis St. High Point, NC 27263

WTVD News 11 – 319 Fayetteville St, Suite 107 Raleigh NC 27601

                               411 Liberty St, Durham NC 27701

WRAL News 5 – 2619 Western Blvd. Raleigh NC 27606

Spectrum News Central – 2505 Atlantic Ave. Suite 102 Raleigh, NC 27604



Times News – 707 S, Main St. Burlington NC 27215

Alamance News -114 W Elm St. Graham NC 27253

Greensboro News & Record – 200 E. Market St Greensboro NC 27401

The News & Observer – 421 Fayetteville St. Suite 104 Raleigh NC 27601

The Chapel Hill News – 1504 E. Franklin St. Suite 101 Chapel Hill NC 27514

The Associated Press – 4800 Six Forks Rd. Suite 210 Raleigh NC 27609

YES Weekly – 5500 Adams Farm Ln, Suite 204 Greensboro NC 27407



WPCM 920 AM – 1109 Tower Dr, Burlington NC 27215

WBAG 1150 AM – 1745 Burch Bridge RD. Burlington NC 27217

WPTI Talk Radio - 2 Pai Park Ste B Greensboro NC 27409

WSJS 600 AM - 210 N Main St. Kernersville NC 27284

WPTF 680 AM – 3012 Highwoods Blvd. Suite 201 Raleigh Nc 27604

WUNC 91.5 FM – 120 Friday Center Dr. Chapel Hill NC 27514

ROCK92 FM – 192 E. Lewis St. Greensboro NC 27406

93.1 The Wolf – 7819 National Service Rd. Suite 401 Greensboro NC 27409

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