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Stop hounding of the project “Children-404”

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At 31st of January the administrative case about violation of the law against “propaganda untraditional sexual relationships” was started against journalist Elena Klimova, who was the creator of the internet-project “Children-404”. Delation was made by deputy Milonov, who demands to arrest Elena and close the project.

The project “Children-404” was made at the beginning of the March, 2013 to make first of all ADULT parents, teachers, clerks, legislators to listen to main, but invisible victims of the anthropophagous law about “propaganda”, which are LGTB teenagers. Children write letters, which are published in social networks then. These letters show how really this law “protects” children. Because of homosexuality or transsexuality they are bullied by classmates, censured by teachers, they can’t usually find any understanding at them families, and this law actually forbids any support for these teenagers, it declares them “social unequal”. 

Last year Russian became first in the world for teenagers suicides. We consider this is the direct consequence of the law about “propaganda of untraditional sexual relationships”. Hounding of these children actually is legalized by this law. Any organizations, any officials practically lost any opportunity to help them. Journalist, doctor or teacher by saying that such child is normal, healthy and deserves respect can not just pay penalty, but also lose job, and organization can stop existing. The only place in Russia, where LGTB-teenager can receive psychological and juridical help and just speak out – volunteer project “Children-404”. We are sure: during less than a year the project rescued many people from despair, saved many lifes.

Delation of Milonov shows truly mission of the law about “propaganda”: the person, who gives LGTB-teenagers opportunity to speak out about them problems, and even just to come out, becomes offender.

We demand:

1. To close preposterous case about “propaganda” related to Elena Klimova
2. To stop hounding of internet-project “Children-404”
3. To repeal the law about “propaganda of untraditional relationships” as a discriminatory and inhumane law. 


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