Expel the Chinese Consul-General in Brisbane 要求澳洲政府驅逐中共駐布里斯本總領事

Expel the Chinese Consul-General in Brisbane 要求澳洲政府驅逐中共駐布里斯本總領事

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Xiaogang Zhang started this petition to The Prime Minister of Australia and

Requesting the Australian Government to Expel the Chinese Consul-General in Brisbane


On 24th of July, a group of Hong Kong and local students were besieged by about 200 or so mainland Chinese students, when peacefully protesting at the University of Queensland to support the people of Hong Kong in their strive for democracy and freedom. Some mainland Chinese students stole the demonstrators' megaphone and threw it at them, while others snatched and tore up the demonstrators' slogans. More sang the Chinese national anthem and used the megaphones to suppress the voice of demonstrators and some even directly created physical violence conflicts.

( https://www.smh.com.au/national/queensland/i-was-shocked-uq-protest-against-chinese-government-turns-violent-20190724-p52aeq.html )


On the next day, 25th July, the website of the Chinese Consulate-General in Brisbane officially stated in the name of its spokesperson to have openly expressed its affirmation and appreciation for the actions of these mainland Chinese students. The statement openly encouraged and incited bullying and violence on the land of Australia.


The Chinese Communist Party's Consulate-General in Brisbane also reprimanded the demonstrators as "carrying out anti-China separatism activities", which is deemed a serious crime considered "hostile" in mainland China. This not only caused serious concerns for many Hong Kong students who participated in the demonstration about their own safety, but also many participants and organizers of the demonstrations received post-event telephone calls and emails that threatened their own and their families. Some of them bluntly stated that they were forced to withdraw from the follow-up protests because they were too fearful.


After the statement of the CCP's Consulate-General in Brisbane was published, there were successive incidents in universities across Australia in which mainland Chinese students had forcibly prevented other people from freely expressed their opinions on the Hong Kong issue, such as paticipating demonstration in or approaching to Lennon Wall.

( https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EA0NSLpXYAAfYsB.jpg )


In fact, in almost every University across Australia, there is a Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA) established and directly controlled by the CCP's Embassy or Consulate, responsible for commanding, supervising and controlling Chinese students and scholars. A considerable number of Chinese students' collective actions are planned and manipulated by the Chinese Consulate. Obviously, this statement by the Chinese Consulate has a direct link and guidance to the violent bullyings and intimidations that have occurred and been occurring.


Freedom of expression is one of the most basic cornerstones of Australian values and fundamental to the functioning of Australian democratic society. It is also the most basic part of universal human rights. These direct interventions, suppression and undermining of Australian freedom of expression by the CCP's Consulate-General in Brisbane, directly incited violent bullying and fear-making activities in Australian territory. This is not only inconsistent with the identity of their diplomatic envoys, but also is an export persecution and violent intimidation threatening personal safety of Australian residents.


To this end, we strongly urge the Australian government to deport the responsible person of the act, Xu Jie, the CCP's Consul-General in Brisbane, as an "unwelcome".


3,921 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!