Delay face-to-face learning and continue online class at IIUI

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Pakistan has been through its highest peak of Covid-19 cases, yet the infected cases are keep increasing up till now. About 500 daily cases on average during these last two weeks is not the small amount. Deciding to reopen schools and universities amid this situation might make it worse. New cluster of virus transmission will be generated as vast number of students are gathered inside universities.

However, the curve might be rise anytime at the moment we are negligent to maintain the health protocol. It is doubtful that IIUI with its limited facilities will be able to implement strict regulations as precaution of the wider spread of the virus inside the university. Our amount of classrooms is insufficient to maintain physical distancing, not to mention the school buses where people are crowded. Moreover, inadequate air ventilation in each class will cause the virus to be transmitted more easily. In such situation, we cannot and will not experiment with the lives of students, teachers and university staff.

Another thing should be considered is that currently more than 500 foreigner students are back to their countries. Most of them cannot return to Pakistan in order to attend face-to-face class due to skyrocketing of flight ticket price and some international flights are banned. Reopening universities will overburden us. Besides, we are used to online class that we were doing in previous semester.

We are simply not ready to overcome the worst possibilities. We have to continue distance learning while it is too dangerous to gather in large groups every day.