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The Amazing Rare Pokémon Cards are by far one of the coolest innovations in NEW, modern Pokémon Card rarities.

There is a HUGE audience of people within the Pokémon Community that found the vibrant, colorful tye dye backgrounds against the legendary Pokémon on these Amazing Rares to be so COOL! In fact, there are many people (including myself) who may have solely opened packs JUST because of the new amazing rare cards. It truly is a rarity in of itself, that should be continued in each new expansion (so fans can chase after these cards that feature all of their favorite Legendary Pokémon).

The Amazing Rare cards stopped after Shiny Star V (Japanese), and many fans were left so disappointed to see them stop there.

I see SO MANY people writing comments on forums, social media, and on Youtube; every time people discuss amazing rares, it’s that they are so disappointed to see The Pokémon Company International stop making more.

Each set that featured Amazing Rares had 3-5 different amazing rares to collect in each set. To think, if they never stoped making amazing rares, we could have had so many more beautiful amazing rare cards to collect in all the sets that have now released without Amazing Rares.

I know I personally always thought of which legendaries would be featured next. I kept anticipating a Lugia and Ho-Oh amazing rare… and MOST definitely a Mewtwo Amazing Rare. It truly stinks to see such a cool new card rarity concept get used so quickly, and then pushed aside.

Sure, some other rarities have been given similar treatment… but the amazing rare cards have a clear demand for more, and should be reconsidered to be a staple of each new Pokémon expansion in the modern era. It would provide Pokémon fans with a quest to “collect em all” as each new Pokémon Expansion comes out. So even if you’re not a fan of a new set, you’ll still have the Amazing Rares to chase after. It’s actually a smart business move (to make Amazing Rares a collection of many/all legendary Pokémon for people to try to pull from all the latest sets).

Most modern super rare cards are are “full art” cards (and those are awesome), but these amazing rares truly highlighted legendary/mythical Pokémon in a new, colorful, unique way that stood out among any other card rarity. Seeing many Legendary Pokémon fratured on the basic card template, drawn in dynamic action poses harkened back to the early 2000’s when super rare cards were “ex” cards.

Once all the legendaries get amazing rares, I could totally see other Pokémon getting Amazing rares! Imagine a Blastoise, Venusaur, Charizard, or Pikachu amazing Rare!

If each set only has 3-5 amazing rares in it (unless a big special set comes out that feature more), every Legendary Pokémon can eventually have an amazing rare! It would be so fun to try to collect em all!

Please sign this petition in hopes that The Pokémon Company International get feedback from the Pokémon Community that THE FANS want to see more legendary Amazing Rares!

It’s the 25th Anniversary! Let’s celebrate 25 years of awesome legendary Pokémon by bringing Amazing Rares back to the latest, new Pokémon Expansions!

If The Pokémon Company International is reading, Thank you for considering our feedback & providing these amazing cards we all love.

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At 50 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!