Lift the ban on Kadabra in the Pokémon merchandaise

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During the past sixteen years, I have noticed an immature amount of hatred being used towards Psychic-type Pokémon Kadabra. It may not sound important to you, but I personally feel that you are wasting taxpayer's money by keeping up this "No Kadabra" rule in place. It's not fair on The Pokémon Company, but it's not fair on Kadabra supporters, either. Uri Geller, you may not like the Pokémon Kadabra because of its Japanese name Yungerer, but the way you and the Pokémon Company had went on about it was extremely childish, and I know that this could've been handled in a much more mature way than it was. Rather than banning Pokémon Kadabra outright, why not bring him back with a slightly different design like what the Pokémon Company done with Jynx. Or even change his Japanese name from Yungerer, to Shazam (ジャーン). I am asking you both nicely: Can you please lift the ban on Pokémon Kadabra? Many thanks.