Solidarity Statement in Support of the George Wiley Center

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The George Wiley Center is a grassroots group, organizing with low-income Rhode Islanders to advocate for systematic changes aimed at alleviating problems associated with poverty. Its mission is “to build a community that addresses human needs and redresses injustices.” It is named for Rhode Islander George Wiley who was active in the Civil and Welfare Rights movements.

June 8th, 2019 members of the George Wiley Center announced the formation of a new board reflective of the community. 

The new Board of the George Wiley Center is Zainab Ilumoka (Co-President),Servio Gomez (Co-President), Maria Gold (Treasurer), Alex Burnett (Secretary), Tony Ansah, Mayra Paulino, Bethany Melo, Tim Fisher, Maryellen Kurkulos, James Vita, Meghan Fernandes, Ellie Wyatt, Arlen Austin, Kai Bosworth, Susan Walker, Dean Sudarsky, Chris Murphy, and Ubaldo Quintero.

We, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with the new board as it looks forward to continued grassroots organizing in support of social, economic, and racial justice.