The PEOPLE of California endorse Travis Allen for Governor!

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We the PEOPLE of California endorse Travis Allen for Governor!  

There's an elephant in the room and we need to talk about it. That elephant is Travis Allen, candidate for Governor.  Travis Allen is the guy no one in politics is talking about in the California Gubernatorial Race, for fear that drawing too much attention to him is going to cause problems for ALL parties involved.

Gavin Newsom is talking about John Cox.  Antonio Viallaraigosa is talking about John Cox.  GOP establishment is talking about John Cox.  Newspapers and radio stations are talking about John Cox.  What is the deal?  He must be pretty amazing.  A real force to be reckoned with, right?  Only, he's just not.  He's about as exciting as milk toast.

So, what gives?  Well, John Cox is an opportunist.  He saw a GOP in California that is so beaten down and desperate that they will take the first thing that comes along if they say the right stuff and happen to have cash.  Cox has been working on his talking points AND he has the money.  So, the party is excited.  But, not for the reasons some might think.  If you talk to a Cox supporter (admittedly they are hard to find), you will hear them say that Cox has a great chance to win the Primary on June 5th.  It's even harder to find a Cox supporter who will actually go so far as to say that he has a chance at beating Gavin Newsom in November.  Why?  Because, he does not have a chance.  Let's say it again:  John Cox does not have a chance of beating Gavin Newsom in a November runoff.  He's tired, stodgy, old guard, and boring.  Milk Toast.

So, obviously Gavin wants to face off with Cox in November. Slam dunk to the Governorship.  But, why would the GOP push a loser?  Because winning the governorship is not even in their sights.  They are so deflated in California that they don't believe a win is possible, but they want voters to turn out in the hopes that some seats can be flipped on the national level.  They need a Republican in the Governor's race, a marquee ballot, so people will have hope and turn out to vote. John Cox is the party's patsy.  

So, all the old guard establishment Republicans are making their grand announcements of endorsement for John Cox and in so doing, are completely forsaking the California people.  Travis Allen is the people's choice.  People love him!  Republicans, Libertarians, Independents and disaffected Dems have hope in California for the first time in years.  People who usually don't vote or don't think their votes matter are planning to vote for Travis Allen.  He is engaging.  Accessible.  Passionate.  Straightforward.  And he has a plan to take back California!  

Travis Allen packs the house.  Travis Allen inspires a crowd.  Travis Allen gives people hope.  John Cox?  Milk Toast.

Nobody knows in which box Travis belongs.  He's too conservative.  He's not conservative enough.  He's not a real Republican.  Lots of criticism about his ProLife position.  Guess what?  The old guard Republicans have been complicit in the loss of California by sticking to their far right principles and pinning their hopes and dreams on the abortion issue.  Meanwhile, we have lost California! While the far right continues to have grand delusions about banning abortion in California, most of us in the middle are wondering how we will fill up our gas tank this week or put food on the table or continue to live in this state as it gets more expensive and we have fewer civil liberties!

Don't sell us out in California!  Not for the sake of national elections.  Californians are tired of struggling to live in this once Golden state.  Highest poverty, highest cost of living, worst in quality of life, worst traffic, worst roads, highest taxes, some of the worst schools, and highest rate of homelessness, among other things, have people leaving this state in record numbers.  Travis Allen has given us a reason to believe that it CAN be different.  Quit focusing on getting someone past the primary and start focusing on getting someone into the Governor's office!  Lose the victim mentality that has you looking to Cox as some sort of savior because he has money!  Cox is a political loser with a consistent losing streak in all of his political endeavors.  Travis Allen is a 3 time winner!  Undefeated. 

You say, "Travis doesn't have any money!"  We say, "Having money does not equate to being the most qualified, or electable, candidate!"  We say, "Urge Cox to drop out and get behind Travis with his millions!"  (If he really cared about the people of California, that's the right thing to do...)

Instead of getting behind Travis and supporting the PEOPLE, we see establishment folks doubling down on John Cox, claiming if the people actually vote for Travis Allen, they will be responsible for two Dems on the ticket in November - calling for Travis Allen to drop out of the race! So, how about this....  How about all of the Republican legislators get on board the Travis Allen train?  Endorse Travis Allen.  Tell your constituents about Travis Allen!  Urge Cox to support Travis Allen.

Remember why you sought an elected position in the first place - it was to represent the PEOPLE right?!  You don't represent 'THE PARTY' - you represent the PEOPLE! 

The PEOPLE want Travis Allen!