End the social care crisis so no-one has to sell their home to pay for dementia care

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My 92-year-old father, Fred, has been forced to move out of his home due to his dementia care. He’d lived in his home for the past 45 years and it was heartbreaking to see him leave it.

In 2016, my father was diagnosed with vascular dementia. By 2018, his condition had deteriorated significantly so he had to move into a care home.

My dad is a World War II veteran who later served in the police force. He was a prudent saver, but his police and state pension was not enough to cover the huge £1,200 per week fees.

Selling our family home, the beloved thatched cottage that he renovated back in 1974 was heart-breaking. But, the lack of financial support from the Government meant it had to be done. It’s cost us £120,000 in just two years.

Our dad isn’t the only one forced to move out of his home because of the lack of support from the Government for social care. Thousands of families are suffering from pain and distress, many of whom are being highlighted by the Daily Mail’s social care campaign.

That’s why I’m campaigning along with the Daily Mail for the new Prime Minister to tackle the social care funding crisis. This needs to be at the top of their agenda.

We want the new Prime Minister to urgently come up with a long-term solution to the care crisis and declare that this issue will be a priority for the Government. This means starting an NHS ‘dementia fund’ and considering a wide range of funding options, such as tax breaks for social care spending or an innovative care insurance scheme. 

My father fought for his country. He spent his life in public service. No-one should be forced to sell their home to pay for their dementia care costs. 

Please join me in calling on the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to address this urgently.

My father and hundreds of thousands of others deserve better.