Shut Down Toronto's Slaughterhouses

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Toronto is a city of animal lovers.  And yet within a short walking distance from Keele & St. Clair, 3 different slaughterhouses brutally kill thousands of animals each day.  Most of those animals are babies, less then a year old when they are crammed into trucks for their final journey on Earth, which will often be their first and last glimpse of the sun, and their first and last taste of fresh air before they arrive at their blood-soaked destination, in the heart of an otherwise quiet residential neighbourhood in midtown-Toronto.

But slaughterhouses, and the animal agriculture industry that they enable, don't just kill animals.  While slaughterhouses have become key hotspots of the Coronavirus Pandemic* (see citations below for this and all other key facts), which itself originated from an outdoor slaughterhouse, animal-borne diseases in general are estimated to kill approximately 2.3 million people worldwide each year.*  

Working inside a slaughterhouse, a job that involves brutalizing and murdering animals for 8+ hours each day, has also been empirically proven to lead to higher rates of violent crime, domestic abuse, child abuse and rape in surrounding communities.*

The consumption of animal foods is not only detrimental to human health, it is downright lethal.  The two leading causes of death in Canada: cancer & heart disease, which collectively kill over 120,000 Canadians each year,* are intimately connected to animal consumption.  Animal consumption is also a key risk factor in developing diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis and Alzheimer's disease.*  

In addition, animal agriculture is a leading contributor to the global climate emergency, and is responsible for more Greenhouse Gas Emissions than every car, truck, train, ship and plane in the world combined.*  Animal agriculture is also the single leading cause of global habitat destruction, mass extinction, water consumption, water pollution & ocean dead zones.* 

The global climate emergency not only threatens Toronto directly due to increased flooding & extreme weather, but the water shortages, crop failures, refugee crises and global conflicts that are already increasing due to climate change also pose a risk to Toronto's future security and well-being, and are an unacceptable injustice to both the human race and the animal kingdom.


We are therefore calling on Toronto's City Council to make history by declaring Toronto to be the world's first Slaughter-Free City.  As a Slaughter-Free City, Toronto would protect our residents (first and foremost slaughterhouse workers and their families) and set an example for the rest of the world to follow by:

•  Shutting down Toronto's slaughterhouses immediately, and engaging in alternate employment programs for slaughterhouse workers, potentially in the rapidly expanding plant-based foods industry.

• Enacting a slaughter-free food policy (which excludes animal body parts, milk and eggs, all of which come from slaughter-based industries) at City-Administered offices, community centers and educational institutions.

• Increasing funding for access to healthy, plant-based foods for Toronto's low income communities.

• Improving the nutritional education & cooking programs for slaughter-free, plant-based meals in city-run community centres and other educational institutions.



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