End Ethnic Discrimination against the Liberian Mandingoes "When a nation unites, its people's Thrive"

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The Mandingoes who migrated to Liberia between 1500 and 1600 were traders, and they settled on the west coast as well as in the hinterland. Those who went to the hinterland migrated there with their Muslim traditions and were labeled strangers, meaning foreigners. 

However, the local tribal people did not turn them away; instead, in order to resolve the xenophobia crisis, they adopted King Ghana's isolation policy and made Mandingo Muslims live in separate areas of the town which they named "Stranger Quarters." The term "Quarters" refers to a separate residential area where one ethnic group sharing common family ties, common language, and common culture live as one family. These stranger quarters are known today in most towns and cities as" Mandingo Quarters."

Now in modern-day Liberia, The “myth,” that is widely held belief among many Liberians that Mandingos are foreigners and that it was the late President, Samuel Kanyon Doe, who declared them (Mandingos) citizens of Liberia. 

This belief is traveling from one generation to another and creating hates, envy, and discriminations among people of the Mandingo tribe. About 50% of children under 15 are taught to discriminate against Mandingo children of their same age group. They are commonly referred to as "Mandingo Dogs" in public gatherings and places, getting the attention of other Liberian tribes to make fool of them.

These people own most of the transport system in the country. To 21st Century Liberia, the Mandingoes are part of us and are Liberians, we need to embrace them as our brothers and sisters. In recent times, they have been fighting to put our country on the map, not in the name of Mali, Guinea, The Gambia, Ivory Coast or wherever their forefathers may have migrated from 100s of years ago, they hold the Liberian flag, they love it, they embrace it, they fight for it wherever they are around the world. They only know Liberia, a land of their forefathers and fathers.

We have to do away with the discrimination against the Mandingoes and their Muslim religion. Let's push forward and backward never. Mandingoes born in Liberia are Liberians. Liberia is all we have, let preserve it and forget this hate against one another. I care because I am a Liberian and this could be you too... Mandingoes are citizens and are positively contributing to the growth and development of our country. Please sign the petition and together let's end ethnic discrimination against the Liberian Mandingoes today.