Save Gwdihŵ (& Guildford Crescent)

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Once again, Cardiff culture is under threat. Gwdihŵ Café Bar faces closure on the 30th January 2019, unless we rally together as a community to protect one of our most beloved venues.

For over a decade, Gwdihŵ has been the colourful cornerstone of our Cardiff music scene where those have come to fall in love with their next favourite band and possibly at times - each other.

It's a venue that advocates the freedom to perform, to promote and nurture (regardless of genre) and has had the best intentions for the creative community in its heart.

However Gwdihŵ, amongst other family run businesses on Guildford Crescent:

Such as:
- Thai House - an independent family run business running for over 33 years, priding themselves as the first Thai restaurant, in the UK, outside of London.

- Madeira Restaurante, a family run independent Portuguese restaurant running for 20 years.


But it’s not due to a failing of their business model or even lack of support and success from you. It’s due to the word of their landlord after declining to renew the lease of the buildings and land where these businesses operate.

We cannot stress to you how vital it is that we act NOW and urge the landlord of Guildford Crescent to recognise and understand the cultural and artistic significance of these spaces over any other monetary gain to be had in other business ventures.

We ask the landlord, to grant these existing businesses new leases and avoid the loss of 70+ jobs.