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                                                                                                             June 14, 2011

                                                                                  Concerned Somali Diaspora
                                                                                 Talo & Tusaale  P. O. Box 11851   Alexandria, VA 22312 USA


H. E. Ban Ki Moon

United Nations Secretary General

760 United Nations Plaza

New York, 10017, USA

Fax: 212 963-7055





Your Excellency,


We, the undersigned members of Concerned Somalis in the Diaspora and inside Somalia, are deeply troubled by the never-ending political quagmires of our country which are often perpetuated and prolonged by unscrupulous “leaders” without vision and popular legitimacy. We expected the mediation efforts by your Representative and the President of Uganda will resolve the disagreement between the leaders of the Transitional Federal Institutions in manner consistent with the interests of the Somali people. Unfortunately, the President and the Speaker chose to put their self-interest before the interest of their people and nation. In this context, the substance of the recent Kampala Accord signed by the President of Somalia Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and the Speaker of the Parliament Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, under the auspices of President Yoweri K. Museveni, and your Special Representative Ambassador Augustine P. Mahiga, is seen by all Somalis as consistent with the failed past strategies of the International Community vis-à-vis the search for a solution to Somalia’s prolonged civil and political debacle.


Your Excellency,


While the Somali people appreciate and support your efforts to resolve our country’s two decades long political and humanitarian crises, the Kampala Accord undermines the political and the constitutional framework you helped establish and breaches our national sovereignty. Rather than ending the prevailing political impasse of the Somali political “leaders” in positive manner, the Agreement legitimizes the very dysfunctional and counter-productive culture that created the problem. Instead of offering principled vision for the future beyond the transition period, the Agreement undermines the institutions that it aims to protect while empowering the very same “leaders” that have failed to complete the priority tasks of the Transitional Federal Charter, the Djibouti Agreement, and the countless recommendations put forward by the International Community. 


Your Excellency,


One of the principle factors that perpetuated the Somali crises for more than two decades is lack of respect for the legitimate aspirations of the Somali people. In this regard and with respect to the substance of this Accord, the Somali people, both inside and outside the country, have spoken in unison against this Accord as illustrated by the ongoing demonstrations in Mogadishu and throughout the world. The International Community is, therefore, duty-bound to listen to these voices and to empower/assist the Somali people in determining Somali-owned solutions to the current political impasses and to find a forward-looking long term solutions and strategies supported by Somalis. 


We, the undersigned members of Concerned Somalis in the Diaspora with roots across Somalia, including activists, educators, intellectuals, and professionals request from the UN General Assembly, the UN Security Council, and the International Community to:


·        Reject the Kampala Accord entirely as it undermines Transitional Federal Institutions and infringes Somalia’s sovereignty. 

·        Assist the Somali people in “owning” the necessary solutions to our country’s protracted conflict and to respect the spirit of our self-determination and the sovereignty of our country.

·        Send a Fact-Finding Mission, headed by neutral observers, to Mogadishu to assess and report to you the consequences of the Accord if implemented as is and the reaction and desires of the Somali people.




H.E. Ambassador Li Baodong

Permanent Representative and Ambassador of the

People’s Republic of China to the United Nations

H.E. Ambassador Grard ARAUD

Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations



Permanent Representative of the 

Russian Federation to the United Nations, 


H.E. Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant

UK Mission to the UN 


H.E. Ambassador Susan E. Rice

Permanent U.S. Representative to the United Nations


H. E. Ambassador Ufuk Gokcen

Organization of the Islamic Conference
Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nation


H.E. Ambassador Helen Beckman,

Secretary to Head of Delegation

European Union Delegations


H. E. B. Lynn Pascoe

Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs

760 United Nations Plaza

New York, NY 10017 USA


H.E. Dr. Augustine P. Mahiga

UN Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS)

P.O. Box 30552-00200

Nairobi, Kenya


Susannah Price/Donna Cusumano

Public Information Officer

Contact emails:,,





Marjorie Philippe-Auguste

Africa I Division, DPA

Fax 212-963 8976


IGAD Secretariat

Avenue Georges Clemenceau

P.O. Box 2653 Djibouti

Republic of Djibouti

FAX  +253-356994


Media Accreditation & Liaison Unit

United Nations Headquarters L-248

New York, NY 10017

Fax: (212) 963-4642





List of Signatures:

1.      Abdirizak O. Mohamed, Ontario, Canada

2.      Eng. Mahmoud Dahir, Virginia, USA

3.      Ibrahim Iman Boston, USA

4.      Eng. Ali Omar, North Carolina, USA

5.      Dr. Abdiwahab Tarey, California, USA

6.      Dr. Bashir Ali, North Carolina, USA

7.      Sadia Ali Aden, Falls Church, VA

8.      Dr. Abdi Mohamed Ulusso, "Black"

9.      Dr. Abdi Greek, London, UK

10.   Mohamoud Ali Gaildon, Pennsylvania, USA

11.   Dr. Abdullahi Iid Farah, Columbus, Ohio, USA

12.   Dr. Mohamed Abdi Arusha, Turin, Italy

13.   Ali Omar Ghedi (Ali Garabey), Member of Somali Parliament, Mogadishu – Somalia

14.   Adde Hassan Ali Gabow, Farmer Governor of Banadir, Minneapolis, USA

15.   Jafar Osman Matan  Hoggaamiyaha Besha Jareer weyn, Ohio USA

16.   Kornel Abdulahi Ali Maow, North Carolina, USA

17.   Prof. Hassan Mohamud (X. Jaamici), MN, USA

18.   Nur Bahal, Ontario, Canada.

19.   Mahdi Warsama, Ohio, USA

20.   Hussein Darwish, Virginia, USA

21.   Eng. Mohamud Ali Mohamed, London UK

22.   Jibril Mohamed, Ohio, USA

23.   Farhia Nur, Virginia, USA

24.   Prof. Liban Egal, Virginia, USA

25.   Ali-nur Hussein Bodaye, Ontario, Canada 

26.   Abdi Robleh, North Carolina, USA

27.   Abukar Sanei, Ohio, USA

28.   Abdirasaq Hashi, Indiana, USA

29.   Nour Omar, Texas, USA

30.   Ahmed Mohamed (Ahmed Global), Ohio, USA

31.   Hussein Abdikarim, North Carolina, USA

32.   Abdirashid Gayre, Michigan, USA

33.   Abdikarim M. Ali, Boston, USA

34.   Mohamud Uluso, Michigan, USA

35.   Abdullahi Ali Mohamed (Xoogsade), Malaysia

36.   Abdulkadir Yalahow Hirabe, Tennessee, USA

37.   Abdirahman Ahmed (Abdirahman Yare) Columbus, Ohio

38.   Fanah Adam.  Mankato, MN

39.   Mohamed Ali Kamole, Connecticut, USA

40.   Mohamed Abdulahi Gabayre, Georgia, USA

41.   Dr. Mire Ali Siad Ohio, USA

42.   Abdulkader Ahmed Ulusow, Maryland, USA

43.   Bashi Jibril, Ontario, Canada

44.   Ali Mohamud Sheikhow, Abu-Dhabi, UAE

45.   Kornel Abdinasir Mohamud Indhqarshe, Washington, USA

46.   Abdiasis Ahmed Mahdi, Tennessee, USA

47.   Liban Abukar Malin, California, USA

48.   Huriye Dahir Diriye, Arizona, USA

49.   Saida M Mohamed, North Carolina, USA.

50.   Aden abdulle howle, British columbia, Canada

51.   Avv. Hassan Mohamed Omar, Sweden

52.   Dr. Ali Ahmed Hirabe, Sweden

53.   Eng. Abdulkader Yusuf Guled, Sweden

54.   Abdirahman A. Siad, Ontario, Canada

55.   Ilyas hayuke, Seattle, Washington USA

56.   Abdi Dirshe, Ontario, Canada

57.   Faduma Awow Mohamed Ontario, Canada

58.   Mohamed Ali Aden Ontario, Canada

59.   Abdulkani Rage Barrow, Ottawa, Canada

60.   Amira Adawe, Minneapolis, USA

61.   Suad D. Hassan, Washington USA

62.   Dr. Ali Tifow London, UK

63.   Shamsa Hassan, Ontario, Canada  

64.   Ali Said Haji Aliyow, Melbourne – Australia

65.   Said Hussein Shidaad, Columbus, Ohio.

66.   Mumin Barre, Maryland, USA

67.   Abdurhaman Hosh Jibril, Ontario, Canada

68.   Rashed Gulaid, Illinois, USA

69.   Zainab Mohamed Hassan, MN, USA

70.   Abdikhayr Soofe, Ohio, USA

71.   Fowsia Abdulkadir, Canada

72.   Hassan Mohamed Ali, Albert, Canada

73.   Hassan Warsame, Virginia, USA 

74.   Mohamed Ali, Washington DC, USA

75.   Mustafa Yasin Salwe Ohio,USA

76.   Hanad Hassan - Doha Qatar

77.   Layla Ahmed, Ontario, Canada

78.   Hodan Yusuf, Ontario, Canada

79.   Khadija Abdullahi Dalays Ontario, Canada

80.   Abdirashid Ugaas Ciise Ugaas Abdulle

81.   Ismail Gaffow  Ontario, Canada

82.   Abbas God, Ontario, Canada

83.   Mohamud Ahmed Awil,   Copenhagen, Denmark

84.   Saleban Abdi Dahir, Coppenhegan, Denmark

85.   Abdiaziz Musse Farah, London, England

86.   Mahad Yusuf Mohamed, U.A.E

87.   Abdi Hashi Seed, (Abdi Yare), Ontario, Canada

88.   Abdirashid Yusuf Warsame, Ontario, Canada

89.   Said Shidaad, Columbus, Ohio USA

90.   Wila Nur, Ontario, Canada

91.   Yusuf A. Kheyre, Virginia, USA

92.   Prof. Yusuf Ahmed Nur, Indian, USA

93.   Ibrahim Sheikh Ahmed, Virginia, USA

94.   Haji Ahmed Moalim Ibrahim, Ohio, USA

95.   Dr. Hassan Mohamed Sabriye, North Carolina, USA

96.   Khadra Mohamed, MSW (SOWAC), Ohio USA

97.   Abdia Sheikh Ahmed, Virginia, USA

98.   Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Warsheikh  SWEDEN

99.   Abdullahi Hussein Omar DANMARK

100.                    Khalif Abdi Omar, Beijing, China

101.                    Omar Ashirow Abdi, Nairobi, Kenya

102.                    Eng. Abdi Ashur Hassan, Denmark

103.                    Abdi Abdulle Mumin, Pakistan

104.                    Abdi Dahir Moalim Yusuf, Minnesota, USA

105.                    Abdirahim Ibrahim Sheikh, Columbus, Ohio, USA

106.                    Mohamed Farah Moalim "Goomaay" Nairobi, Kenya

107.                    Abdullahi Ibraahim Nuuni, Dubai, UAE

108.                    Geedi Amiir Abdi, Holland

109.                    Abdullahi Abdi Aymoy, London, UK

110.                    Haliimo Sheikh Osman Mohamed, Turin, Italy

111.                    Eng. Abdulkadir Mohamed Hussein Amin, San Jose, CA

112.                    Dr. Mohamed Hassan Diiriye, Columbus, Ohio, USA

113.                    Hassan Osman "Baasto" , Columbus, Ohio, USA

114.                    Dr. Mohamed Hassan Nuur, Columbus, Ohio, USA

115.                    Eng. Abdifatah Ibrahim Sheikh, Columbus, Ohio, USA

116.                    Fadumo Ahmed Moalim, Columbus, Ohio, USA

117.                    Nuura Ahmed Ibraahim, Columbus, Ohio, USA

118.                    Ibrahim Dacar Sheekeeye, Columbus, Ohio, USA

119.                    Mohamed Ahmed Haaruun, Virginia, USA

120.                    Khalif Ahmed Ali Ulusow, Minneapolis, MN, USA

121.                    Col. Mohamed Ashur Hassan, Austin, TX, USA

122.                    Dr. Saida Ahmed, Edmonton Alberta

123.                    Abdibashi Haji Ahmed Wehelie, Maryland, USA

124.                    Yusuf Mohamed Ali Samantar, New York, USA

125.                    Mohamed Abdullahi egal “Kaxdege” , Ohio USA

126.                    Ahmed Osman  Gurhan, Ohio USA

127.                    Suldan Haydar  Munye  ‘Tunni” , Ohio USA

128.                    Ahmed Cusman Gurxan musecawl, Ohio USA

129.                    Ahmed Hosh Ashkir, Ohio USA

130.                    Sheekh aweys  abukar maxaad, Ohio USA

131.                    Abdulqadir Ali Abdi “Xuurka” , Ohio USA

132.                    Abdi Aden Geeseey, Ohio USA

133.                    Abdullahi   faracadde, Ohio USA

134.                    Abdi nur aden “Daljir” , Ohio USA

135.                    Abdikarim Mohamed Hadde, Ohio USA

136.                    Abdi Aziz Barre Jama, Ohio USA

137.                    Hassan Jilicoow Maslax, Ohio USA

138.                    Jibril Hersi, Ohio USA

139.                    Mohamad Farah Hersi, Ohio USA

140.                    Abdi abdulle warsame, Ohio USA

141.                    Mohamed Ugas Hersi, Ohio USA

142.                    Omar Abdullaahi Aden, Ohio, USA

143.                    Omer Jama Ofleh, Texas, USA

144.                    Mohamed Abubucar (Alfa), Virginia, USA

145.                    Mariam O. Said, Virginia, USA

146.                    Basra Aden Salaad, Virginia, USA

147.                    Habiba Aden Arale, Virginia, USA

148.                    Hawa Yusuf Warsame, Virginia, USA

149.                    Eng. Abdulkader Amin, California, USA

150.                    Markabo Ali Virginia, USA

151.                    Lul Ugas Virginia, USA

152.                    Mohamed Huubse, Ohio, USA

153.                     Issa Gure Ali "Cumde", Ohio, USA

154.                    Liban H Nur, Ohio, USA

155.                    Mohamed Musse Makaran, Ohio, USA

156.                    Dek Dirie, Grande Prarie, AB, Canada

157.                    Dr Mohamed Ahmed  Tenis Toronto Ontario

158.                    Sharmake Abdi Hollysprings NC

159.                    Nimca Ali Yassin,Virginia, USA

160.                    Mohamed N. Darwish  Virginia, USA


This petition was delivered to:
  • India
  • Public Information Officer
    Susannah Price/Donna Cusumano
  • Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations
    H.E. Ambassador Grard ARAUD
  • Secretary to Head of Delegation
    H.E. Ambassador Helen Beckman,
  • pmun.newyork
  • portugal
  • UK Mission to the UN
    H.E. Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant
  • Robert Patterson
  • Pamela Fierst
  • Karen Clark
  • Matthew P. Walsh
  • Secretary-General of the United Nations
    Ban Ki-moon
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • U.S. Senate
  • President of the United States
  • NY
  • India
  • INFO
  • Permanent U.S. Representative to the United Nations
    H.E. Ambassador Susan E. Rice
  • USA
  • Permanent Representative of the
    H.E. Ambassador VITALY CHURKIN
  • Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs
    H. E. B. Lynn Pascoe
  • Ambassador, Head of delegation
    Mrs Laurence Argimon Pistre
  • Permanent Representative and Ambassador of the
    H.E. Ambassador Li Baodong
  • China
  • UN mission of portugal
  • UN Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS)
    H.E. Dr. Augustine P. Mahiga
  • Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations
    Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations
  • Permanent U.S. Representative to the United Nations
    H.E. Ambassador Susan E. Rice
  • Lebnon
  • Gabon
  • Secretary-General of the United Nations
    Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations)

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