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Allowing private groups to rescue animals 個人動物救助隊への保護許可要求。

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The Ministry of Environment in Japan just announced that it has asked the cooperation of all local government officials across the country to conduct an "all at once" rescue of pets that are still left behind in the no-go zone due to the nuclear accident in Fukushima Prefecture starting in March 2012. This is the first large-scale rescue to be carried out. Private rescue groups are still denied access to the zone. We are demanding that private rescue groups and NPO's have equal access to rescue these animals. 理由:日本環境庁は三月より大規模な警戒区域に残されたペットの一斉保護を行うため全国の自治体に職員派遣の協力要請を行いました。このような大規模の保護活動は初めてです。しかし個人活動の動物救助隊は保護活動には参加できません。私たちは個人活動及びNPO動物救助隊にも、同一の保護許可を与える事を要求します。

The private rescue groups and shelters have first hand experience. They have rescued hundreds of animals successfully. The animals of Fukushima have been abandoned for a year. Private rescue groups are needed for a successful rescue mission. Government workers do not have the proper training to rescue these animals and there is no time left to waste. Thousands of lives have already been lost because of the ineffectiveness of the government rescues. The experienced personnel must be permitted to join forces and work with Government employees for a successful mass rescue.  個人活動動物救助隊及びシェルターは保護活動の経験が豊富です。彼らは何百匹ものペットを保護してきました。福島の動物達は一年もの間見捨てられてきました。個人活動動物救助隊はそれらのペット保護成功の鍵です。自治体の役人は保護活動における事前の経験がありません。何百匹ものペットがその為に亡くなりました。保護活動の経験が豊富が豊かな人材が自治体の職人と共に保護に行くべきです。
We are also demanding that the Ministry of Environment allow all willing private veterinary groups to work jointly with the mass animal rescues and provide immediate care to any and all surviving animals rescued from the exclusion zone and surroundings in Fukushima. ペット一斉保護に協力出来る、そのなかで、警戒地区そしてその周辺に残された動物達に応急処置のできる個人獣医にも許可を与える事を我々は日本環境庁に要求します。

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