We demand an immediate end to the Russian and Assad bombing of Syrian Hospitals

Dear Minister Flanagan,

We are requesting that you represent us expeditiously at the United Nations, to demand an immediate cessation to the bombing of hospitals in Idlib, and other opposition-controlled areas in Syria.

We represent doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, scientists and all those sickened by the annihilation of hospitals, staff and patients by Assad and Russian forces.

In recent weeks 15 hospitals were destroyed :

 ·       April 2- Maarat Nouman Hospital-Idlib

·        April 4 and 16- Mercy Hospital Khan Sheikhoun-Idlib

·        April 7 and 8 -Heish Clinic-Idlib

·        April 17- Ikhlas Hospital Shnan-Idlib

·        April 17- Erbin Hospital Eastern Ghouta

·        April 22 -Central Hospital Abdin- Idlib

·        April 25- Kafr Takharim Hospital- Idlib

·        April 26- Naseeb Hospital -Daraa

·        April 26- Al Latamneh Hospital- Hama

·        April 27- University Hospital East Deir-Idlib

·        April 27- SAMS Ambulance and Evacuation Medical Point Maar Zeta- Idlib

·        April 27- Shamuna Ambulance and Evacuation System Maar Zeta-Idlib

·        April 28- Women's Hospital Kafr Takhareem-Northern Idlib

·        April 29- Al Nuaymeh Hospital-Daraa

·        April 28, 29 Kafr Zeta  Surgical and Maternity Hospital - Hama Suburbs

These actions are evil war-crimes and they must stop. It is unacceptable to watch this slaughter of Syrians in real time and the Geneva convention has been openly defied.

 Dear Minister Flanagan as our representative, we ask that our solidarity with the  Syrian people be voiced as a matter of the greatest urgency. 


This petition will be delivered to:
  • UN Secretary General
    Antonio Guterres (UN Secretary General)
  • Minister for foreign affairs and trade
    The Irish minister for foreign affairs Charlie Flanagan can represent us at the United Nations

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