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Join the "Raise the Rates" Campaign to raise OW/ODSP and Minimum Wage to a Sustainable Income

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To The Honourable Premier Kathleen Wynne:

Your Government has stated you wish to stand for social justice and you have made promises to support those living in poverty and low income in Ontario. Your government has only raised the rates by a mere 3% leaving far too many still unable to afford housing and sustain their daily living needs, such as food and other expenses.

This inadequate increase in social assistance income programs has left many families struggling to find housing, pay their bills and provide food for their families. These social assistance programs also penalize single parents who have a support order, either spousal/partner or child, thus cutting their entitlement further. Working families turn to marketable employment that only offer part time or contract based work with the majority at the standard minimum wage of $11.00/hour. The rates are far too low making the working class and the poor, poorer.

Thus far your government has failed to adequately address or act upon the need to raise the rates in line with the rising costs of living, thus making the situation dire for many families and vulnerable individuals including women and immigrants. Not only are the poor becoming poorer under your government, but they are also experiencing less and less assistance, making their situation dire. Real change needs to happen now!

We, the undersigned, call upon your Government to raise the rates of Ontario Works and Ontario Disability by 55% and the minimum wage to $14-15/hour to allow for a sustainable living income in line with the rising cost of living expenses and housing costs.

Our petition is in support and collaboration with the "Raise the Rates" Campaign in Ontario. For more information:

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