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Get a half British student who has lived in the UK for 13 years British citizenship


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I am a 19 year old student who has lived in the UK for the past 13 years. My father is French and my mother is English, and I was born in France. I am bilingual and have always been highly involved with both sides of my family. However, I moved to the UK with my mother and sister when I was 6 years old after my parents' divorce as my mother wanted to come back to the UK in order to be near friends and family. Despite having lived most of my life here and having a British mother, I am unable to acquire British citizenship. This is due to my mother being born outside of the UK. Before the Brexit vote, this wasn't a major issue. However, as a current EU national, I am now under the threat of losing my rights in this country, despite having built my life here, carrying out a 4 year degree at the University of Birmingham, and having a British mother. This means that my only pathway to acquiring British citizenship is through naturalisation. In order to start this application, I was required to firstly apply for a permanent residency permit. However, my application for this permit was unexpectedly rejected, meaning that I am unable to proceed with my citizenship application. This came down to the fact that during the 5 year period of residency in the UK that I proved to the Home Office, I didn't have private health insurance. This isn't a requirement for EU nationals, however it is absurdly vital in order to be eligible for a residency permit. These aspects do not corroborate each other and highlight the futility of the requirement. My sister, who is under 18, doesn't require a residency permit to apply for citizenship in this country. She, who is in the exact same situation as me, with the exact same roots, will meet the requirements and be able to acquire dual nationality, whilst I will be stripped of my rights. Ironically, somebody who has no British blood and was born in this country has more rights than somebody like me, who is half British and has lived here for the majority of their life. Moreover, even non-EU citizens who have settled in Europe are then able to obtain a residency permit via the Surinder Singh immigration route, whilst I cannot. Having counted on the presumption that I will have become British before Brexit would affect me, the rejection was a bombshell for us all. I am now having to put my life on hold, in worry that my uncertain future will take its toll. I strongly feel that the Home Office are lacking consideration and criteria for rare situations like mine. Just because my mother happened to be born abroad, and despite her having British parents, I am considered 'unBritish'. This is causing me and my family extreme concern and uncertainty regarding where my future stands. My aim is to raise awareness of such cases and speak out against the Home Office and their paradoxical, ambiguous criteria in the light of people in similar situations to mine. I would really appreciate your support in elevating this petition. Thank you.

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