Stop Hershey's From Using Child Slaves to Harvest Cocoa

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Hershey's uses child slaves (as young as 5 years old) to collect cocoa beans for their chocolate products. Over 70% of the cocoa comes from farms in countries such as The Ivory Coast and other countries in Africa where children (mostly kidnapped from their families) are forced to work long days, with no breaks, little food, while being beaten and whipped. Many children are made to climb tall trees to cut off cocoa pods with machetes and chainsaws; some children fall to the ground and die, and others lose their limbs due to chainsaw accidents. In the article titled 'Child Labor and Slavery in The Chocolate Industry' by Food Empowerment project, one child, Drissa, who managed to escape the clutches of slavery, said, "When you eat chocolate, you are eating my flesh." Any form of slavery or domestic servitude needs to be stopped, even more so perhaps when the victims are children. If people continue to buy Hershey's, the money only goes to support this company so their practices may continue. If people choose 'Fair Trade' chocolate, the money will not go to Hershey's, but to farming families so their children may go to school. Please consider signing this petition. With enough signatures, we can put pressure on Hershey's to collect cocoa beans in an ethical manner and to stop their cruelty and inhumanity towards innocent children.