Let's Bring Back our Tigers

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The Tigers are our country's pride and are deeply rooted in our culture. Today India supports 75% of the tigers population in the world . Now that might sound like a lot but currently we only have approximately 3,000 tigers. According to latest researches , our forests can support upto 10,000 tigers ! So what is the problem we are facing ? 

The only thing the tigers need is a large territory to live in solitude and sufficient prey. Unfortunately due to a large number of people living in the core and the buffer zone of the forest , they are facing competition in both. The following are the ways in which the Human intervention of their habitat is harmful to their population :

1) The people feed their cattle in the forest grounds , giving competition to the prey . This leads to prey depletion and habitat depletion which is directly linked to the downfall of tiger population 

2) Due to the lack of prey , the tigers tend to hunt the cattle . This is a major loss for the people and thus to prevent it from happening in the future they often feed the cattle a poisonous substance which when eaten by the tiger leads to a painful death 

3) Finally poaching is one of the major causes. We have lost about 190 tigers just during the quarantine period . Often poachers pay locals to get more information on the tigers location. To the locals who earn a meagre sum of money , this is a great addition to the income 

The project tiger passed by Indira Gandhi in 1973 had said that a certain sum would be paid to these forest dwellers for them to move out of the forest zone and they would be provided with a better livelihood . According to the local forest guards , people are more than happy to move out if provided the promised benefits. But unfortunately this is not implemented properly and thus people are not moving out of the forests . 

This petition is to implore the Government of India to take action towards this with immediate implementation. They should provide the forest dwellers with the promised sum and livelihood . The moving out of these people will ensure a thriving tiger population and a great expanse of habitat.

Our tigers are our pride and it thus becomes our duty to safeguard them . As very rightly said in the Mahabharat " The Tiger shall perish without the Jungle and the Jungle shall perish without it's Tiger. "