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Make Mental Health a Core Part of Education!

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Having been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and OCD within secondary school, I know what it is like to be constantly afraid of telling others, worried about overcoming many people who choose to ignore the subject of mental health or don’t really understand the conditions. School was extremely hard not having this awareness, it was challenging, fearful and a place of doom for my throughout and many of the teachers even did not understand mental health. They did not understand how a person could be okay one day, but the next a complete different approach to life.

School was made a lot harder for me due to some of the teachers and students not having the awareness of mental health that many would expect them to have. On one hand, some may argue that they shouldn’t have the knowledge because it is irrelevant for them to know about mental health unless they have experienced it, however, on the other hand why shouldn’t they be informed on mental health? Why should some teachers not approach this subject with care? 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health condition throughout their lifetime, and it is imperative that the information and awareness of mental health is out into the world so they know, what it is like for a person with mental health and how they could help. This could be through small things, a simple chat, a gesture of good will or just checking that they are okay. As well as this, there could be a sense of being understood rather than stigmatized and bullied, which is often what happens and in opinion, why many people do not fully open up with mental health conditions.

Therefore, we urge Nicky Morgan and the government, to act. Do not leave this more years without acknowledging an approach to mental health awareness, you must start in schools, create awareness in PSHE or Science units, or even create some awareness through making mandatory assemblies/sessions to inform students of the problem, do not let students leave secondary schools with weak or misinformed knowledge of mental health, make them appreciate it and this will help in their later life, through employment, socially and morally.  As well as help understand more about mental health conditions and how they affect the thousands of people with them.

If this was had within my secondary school, it may have been better for me. I may not have missed my final year and failed my GCSES, I may not have made attempts at my own life, and most certainly I wouldn’t have been bullied for being “mad” by fellow students who were ignorant and oblivious to the subject of mental health.

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