[ACTION] Proposal to Joint statement on the GNU Project

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All project maintainers, gnu project participants, and any other project-related individuals who disagree [1] with the views or directions of the GNU Project should initiate a fair, open, and public discussion of each individual problem, in order to find effective and realistically implementable solutions that can be followed in the foreseeable future, rather than rioting, that divides the community and causes great reputational damage to the GNU Project as a whole.

Without attempting to engage in public negotiations and seek peaceful solutions to the accumulated issues, and given the speed with which the "Joint statement on the GNU Project" petition appeared, and the indirect connection of the majority of those who disagree with commercial companies, this officially published statement is contrary to the spirit of GNU and could be seen as an attempt to sabotage the project.

If the subscribers to the petition do not consider public discussion of problems possible, they must leave the GNU Project.

[1] https://guix.gnu.org/blog/2019/joint-statement-on-the-gnu-project/

Dmytro Korzhevin,

the one of those, who trust GNU.