Remove the ‘65’ age bracket for people diagnosed with Dementia

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My mum was 56 when diagnosed with Frontempol Dementia, this was after a two year fight with medical professionals who had little knowledge with this disease, especially in younger people and therefore they didn’t believe she had it. For two years we had doors closed on us and we were constantly told we were wrong. This is all because she was under the age of 65, and even after the official diagnoses we still came up against hurdles in getting the right care or even advice on how we can care for mum, yet again because she was below the age bracket of 65. 

For those people unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with a form of Dementia whilst under the age bracket are automatically dealt with under the ‘Adult Mental Health’ team however the specialist for this disease work under the ‘older persons’ team but they only see patients who are 65 and older ! This disease is the UK’s number one killer and such a cruel disease, where every single day is a blessing for the patient and their loved ones. You have to watch the person you love literally fade away right in front of your eyes and for this to happen while fighting for the correct care is utterly heartbreaking. This dreadful disease doesn’t only target a certain age group so therefor we shouldn’t put this age bracket on the care and the professionals who see these patients. 

So the wrong medication and zero support means my mums deterioration has seen her being admitted to hospital, she’s now in a medical hospital being seen by physiatrist and taking up a medical bed just so she is in the system and getting seen by the right professionals, but having to go through another terrible and dramatic ordeal first. Please change this age label so no one else is let down by the system like our mum has been.