Alternative ending for Supernatural

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I want to start this petition, because I'm not feeling fine with the ending of the show. The whole season 15, Sam and Dean wanted to fight against god, to be able to live together in peace. Okay, Dean often said that he want to self-sacrifice him and nearly till the end it was also necessary for him that Jack do the same. Thank god or now Jack, that Sam stopped him before he was doing such stupid stuff.

So now I will come to my problem with the last episode, it starts with some nice scenes inside the bunker and at a pie-festival. Until this moment I thought this will be an awesome ending, the huntingscenes looked not so difficult, they had so much more powerful enimies in this show, I would say there were hardly weeker opponents in the last seasons.

I'm not able to agree that, the road so far, they fight and, in the end, survived against everybody, not important if it is a god, a demon, an angel etc, but now in this episode Dean should lose against such a "nine-to-five" vampire and die. They always said that they are gonna fight togetter and die togetter and then they didn't do it. Sam had a whole life with his son, "where is the mother?", and he died very old, a other question I had was, who decides in which age you live in heaven, is it your own opinion? Or Jack's? Then why wanted Bobby to be in heaven as such an old guy?

Okay I think i have to go back in the line. At all I would say, it's maybe not even a horrible ending, but the show was not an average show, in my opinion it was the best show I've ever seen, because of this argument I think this is not the ending Supernatural deserves. I hoped till the end of the episode that there is a turn-around, but my hope was vainly.

I hope that there are some hunters out there who have the same way of thinking at this point. 

Sorry if it's not the best English, I'm a fan from Austria