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The Comission of Constitution and Justice of the Brazilian Deputy Chamber: No to Terminator, No to suicide seeds! Against the Bill 268/2007


In the week that we celebrate the World Food Day, an extremely serious bill threats food and nutritional sovereignty and security in Brazil. A bill, ( PL ) No. 268/2007 filed by Rep. Eduardo Sciarra - PSD / PR, allows exemptions to the ban on Genetic Use Restriction Technologies (GURTs, commonly referred to as Terminator) imposed by Brazil’s Biosecurity Law and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. If passed, this bill will allow the production and marketing of GM “suicide” seeds – seeds genetically engineered to be sterile in the second generation –  forcing farmers to buy new seeds for every planting cycle.

Even worse is the potential for suicide seeds to contaminate farmers’  seeds that were not engineered for sterility.
It is crucially important to send a strong message to the members of the Commission on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) tasked with assessing the bill’s constitutionality, urging them to reject the bill. 

This is a campaign organized by:

ActionAid Brasil

ANA – Articulação Nacional de Agroecologia


Centro Ecológico

Centro Sabiá


Cooperativa AECIA

Cooperativa Econativa

FASE - Federação de Órgãos para a Assistência Social e Educacional

FBSSAN - Fórum Brasileiro de Soberania e Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional


Grupo ETC

GEA - Grupo de Estudo em Agrobiodiversidade

Movimento dos Pequenos Agricultores



Multirão Agroflorestal

Plataforma Dhesca Brasil

Rede de Mulheres Negras para Segurança Alimentar

Rede Ecovida de Agroecologia

Terra de Direitos

Via Campesina Brasil

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