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Boycott CVS Pharmacy over patient profiling & discrimination against people in pain

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CVS has institutionalized an illegal program which discriminates against human beings experiencing acute and chronic pain.

CVS will no longer fill the full legal prescriptions written to patients to treat severe pain by  only honoring 7 days of pain medicine at a time, and demanding the acute pain patient to make 4 separate trips to obtain a legal month of medicine.

Additionally starting Feb 1,2018 CVS will not fill legal valid prescriptions to ANYONE for palliative pain control over 90mg per day morphine equivalent.  Human beings dying of cancer, Aids, Brain Tumors, heart disease will die painful deaths because of CVS illegal embargo on palliative medicine.

Each human being has a unique intestinal biom, blood type, phenotype and genotype which metabolizes Medicines uniquely and it is the job of the expert trained palliative care physician to decide treatment protocols not an Insurance company/minute clinic/pharmacy/drug maker exclusive partner/caremark drug rep/ pharmacist which is what the corporate conglomerate CVS.  This is an egregious human rights violation and results in targeted patient discrimination and abuse and causes harm to those in pain.

By instituting this policy, CVS considers all patients in pain as probably drug addicts incapable to handling their medicine. To CVS, patients are guilty until proven innocent.

Grandmothers suffering severe pain after a total hip replacement will be forced to make three additional trips a month to fill one script of medicine which is necessary to be able to do otherwise painful physical therapy regiments. 

Single mothers suffering severe pain from Mastectomy surgery will be forced to travel to CVS 4 times to fill the scripts for pain control which all other pharmacies will otherwise honor.

CVS is forcing Americans who are suffer any kind of severe pain to travel to the pharmacy 4 times to get pain management refills. This policy of abuse causes pain and suffering.

CVS's decision to dishonor human beings in pain by refusing to honor a legal prescription, essentially refuting with treating doctors and placing an illegal immoral embargo on pain management will result in systemic discrimination against human beings already suffering.

Human beings with underlying health conditions who suffer new episodes of acute pain will be required to drive to CVS, wait in line 4 times a month to fill a legal prescription which insurance companies will likely not pay for because pain meds are only permitted once a month.  The transportation costs related with this demand is placed entirely upon patients and physicians who are forced to write scripts every 7 days.

CVS is singling out human beings experiencing pain and rubberstamping them as probably drug addicts, unable to take medicine as prescribed, probably criminals and likely faking pain to get high on drugs despite the government statistics showing that people in pain abuse medicine .02% of the time.

CVS pharmacists do not have access to patient records and yet CVS is abusing their power by attempting to limit access to lawfully scripted medicine which helps people post-surgery to actually do physical therapy. Instead CVS is violating HIPA rules and privacy laws by demanding at some locations that patients provide copies of personal information and medical records and reports. This is a profound invasion of privacy and the information VS is gathering on Americans is illegal.

By placing these obstacles to recovery, CVS is contributing to rising health care costs in America and directly causing harm to patients trying to recover from surgical procedures. CVS has chosen to specifically target patients post-surgery.  Control of pain is extremely important post-surgery. There is a 13% chance of developing an incurable chronic pain disease if pain is not well managed during and after surgery. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome(CRPS) can result if pain is not well managed during and post surgery where sympathetic nerves are injured. This occurs in 13% of aurgeries according to the NIH. Spinal surgery is at 40% chance of contracting CRPS if pain is not well managed up to a year post surgery. CVS wants to stand in the way of patient recovery.This will result in damages.

Under-treated pain rewires the brain's cortical map to amplify pain signaling and destroys the ability of the body to properly control its own pain. The delicate balance between the Sympathetic and parasympathetic system can be destroyed by undertreated pain.  During surgery, blood vessels and sympathtic nerves can be damaged and if these pain signals are not appropriately dulled during surgery and recovery, pain will amplify in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord and interneurons in the brain to be amplified.  In the case of sympathetic nerve injury it can take 2 years to heal the nerve and a lifetime of acute-chronic pain can result if post-surgical pain is not well managed because the glia in the body (the neurvous systems immune system) will essentially memorize the pain.

Lumping legal prescription pharmaseutical opiod-based anelgesics which form the cornerstone of palliative care in with illegal narcotics like heroin-laced with fentnyl  which drug addicted individuals are overdosing on have done a keen disservice to the hunderd million Americans who are in need of legal safe pain killers. Opiods have been in use for thousands of years because they work to stop pain in the face of acute trauma or terminal incurable illness.

The human body itself creates three opiods and if it is healthy and unstressed, these natural opiods can manage pain. But during and following surgery, or in the face of terminal disease the bodies autonomic system is highly stressed and the ability of the human body to produce adequate endogenous opiods is diminished. Supplemental Opiod-based analgesics are necessary for palliative care patients to prevent stroke, heart attack and disability. Supplemental opiod based analgesics are necessary for the severe pain of post surgery and refusing to treat the pain will limit necessary physical therapy. With out adequate PT adhesions and blood clots and neuromas can develop.   Adjunct opiod therapy is therefore extremely important to modern medicine. Placing an illegal immoral embargo on pain medicine is a human rights catastrophy, one which will cause severe damages.

Consumers and elected officials below stand together and urge CVS board of directors to immediately stop this policy of discrimination against people in pain. The patients who spent time writing personal comments are boycotting CVS until the board of directors make positive steps to stop the institutional descrimination.

The job of CVS pharmacy is to make available legal, high quality medicine prescribed by physicians for their patients.  It is not the job of CVS to play police detective, addiction counselor. If CVS receives a legal prescription from a treating physician, it is the pharmacists job to ensure the full prescription is available for the patient and that any side effects between medicines scripted are made known to the patient.

CVS should treat all patients irregardless of affliction equal and without discriminating between medications. CVS pharmacists do not have access to patient medical records and therefore should not be placing themselves as decision makers, addiction specialists or police detectives. 

The Coalition for the Terminally Ill, Disabled and Elderly and the undersigned urges CVS to honor all legal prescriptions as written and treat all human beings equally.

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