Protect Our Cats!!!

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The problem that I would love solving is making sure cats get equal rights to that of dogs they both deserve to be treat equally as cats are also family and they deserve to have some protection in place otherwise people will still continue to terrorise them and not care when they run them over... I’ve always been a cat owner and have always thought it’s disgusting that they get treat so differently... I now have kids of my own and I’m having to explain to my girls that their cat has been run over and has passed and there is no justice in the slightest... it truly is heartbreaking.

last year we lost a cat to what we thought was foul play but yet again there is nothing that could have been done, we had her for over ten years from birth so it had a massive effect on my family and was really upsetting.

Cats live along side humans and love to be outdoors they love their own independence and should be safe on their streets as it is as much theirs as they are ours!!!

Cats have feelings, cats feel pain, cats feel love. 

Someone/people love their cat

Things need to change!!!