Help for the homeless

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There are many people young and vulnerable on our streets, many through no fault of their own we are hoping to come together and change the possibilities for these people they would like the oppertunity to change their lives for the better but cannot do that due to lack of housing we are hoping to somehow help them regain structure and a roof over their heads so they can get themselves back into work and start to rebuild their lives. Somehow we need to find a way of creating a space for them to stay temporarily in order for them take that first step wether its an empty building or exsisting hostels/emergency housing. In the cold weather space is created so we need to alter how they work if they can create space during bad weather then that space must be exsistent when the temperatue rises so why are they only available during low temps? If we can keep that space open we can work with those to create routine, look for voluntary work and create cv's for themselves. Through one night of cold temperature we got together and went searching for homeless people to make sure they had food, warmth and water, However it has esculated and in less than 7 days we have created a group which has over 3000 members already and daily donations, If we can find the space to do this we can help those that are homeless who just wish for understanding, kindness and a chance