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For any set of people, where any form of anonymity or actions under cover of darkness is possible, there will always exist the probability that a crime will result.

This cannot be the justification that no one has privacy, but it must be the reason that there will always be the need for a trusted authority who may at the power of the mandate of the protected people, have the ability to, for probable cause, turn on the light, and see what goes on in the dark.

 The mandate of the protected people will both limit and empower an authority, whose office will be supported by their success in both protecting and enforcing your right to be safe in the dark.

 Constitutional Amendment for Privacy

The people will enjoy the right to mandatory notification of surveillance of any kind, medium or motive after a 90 day period, requiring all Constitutional rights be observed and extended to citizens and legal residents, resulting in end of surveillance in all forms, end of espionage and subterfuge attempts, and full disclosure of all gathered intelligence, and full disclosure of cause and nature of the allegations to the persons of interest.

Charges must follow Constitutionally defined due process, and disclosure of sources and methods to the persons of interest for use in their defense. Follow up may be further defined by state and local agencies. Federal agencies required to have Congressional Approval and oversight for full period of surveillance.

Failure of notification and cessation of hostilities will be enforced as a violation of civil liberties under the Patriot Act. Violation must be considered an act of State Sponsored Terrorism.

Private entities must follow Federal Law or be subject to Eminent Domain.

Violation implies remedies, Government and Private Entities must live in that tension.

Privacy herein shall be defined as any form of possession of another’s information or intellectual property in scope that is not per agreement, or is without their consent, and only their consent.

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