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The fight against racial profiling and police brutality in Maricopa County, Arizona

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My son Antonio Garcia-Goff was (who was reported missing by his family and was struggling with addiction) was pulled over in a nicer neighborhood on July 22, 2017 asleep in his car. A concerned citizen understandably called the Police Department to report a suspicious vehicle. Once arriving on scene and waking him by yelling and banging on his drivers side window (alledgedley) with the butt of the gun my son Antonio Rene Garcia-Goff did not have a weapon and was dressed in a tank top and sweat shorts preceded to roll up the window and pull away from the curb clipping an empty patrol cars bumper. 6 shots were fired! Directly at his face and chest. Antonio thinking he was about to be killed took off running and hid. A man hunt ensued. He was caught, treated for his wounds and placed in jail. All due process was skipped and he was indicted on an F2 felony with dangerous intent towards law enforcement before even having a chance to be assigned a public defender. It is 6 weeks later and dash cams and body cams have still not been released. It is my strong belief that Maricopa county and The Phoenix Police department are protecting their own. Open fired on a young man who's family begged for them to find him, gave them the address of where he was and they said they could do nothing, one week later he is found not even 2 miles from the apartment complex and with no weapon on him, in a residential area with no history of violence is open fired on! What did Antonio Rene Garcia-Goff have? His name, his addiction and his darker features. Let's put an end to allowing everyone's judgement, not only by the police department that day but The entire justice system. It never had to come to this. A scared young man with an addiction problem sleeping in a car to afraid of life and where or what do next. I strongly believe if it was a well dressed Caucasian man, sleeping in his BMW, with an addiction problem this would have never happened. Just as if Antonio would have parked in a Latino community and did the same thing as above it would have never happened. Let's support equality, treating everyone regardless of race or financial background with respect. What happened to innocent until proved guilty. Antonio Rene Garcia Goff is a Untied States Citizen. He is a mixture of our cultures and what makes America so great. Please help me to get Antonio a fair trial and for his case to be treated with transparency 

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