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We, the fans of The 10th Kingdom, are seeking signatures to promote the making of the sequel to the original 2000 Hallmark fantasy mini-series.

The 10th Kingdom has a thriving fan base that continues to grow steadily attracting new viewers. This is evident by the increasing sales, including the 15th Year Anniversary Edition, which is currently ranked among Amazon’s top Best Sellers of Fantasy Blu-rays.

With the current success of recent fantasy television shows, plus the ability to reach more viewers than ever before with streaming services such as Amazon, Roku, Netflix, iTunes, and FilmRise, now is the perfect time to film and release the long-anticipated sequel to The 10th Kingdom.

The story is family-friendly and universally appealing to viewers of all ages. It has withstood the test of time and there are many more adventures to enjoy. It would be a travesty to ignore the making of The 10th Kingdom sequel. This timeless, magical, fairy story should continue on.

Let's make T10K2 happen!

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