Restore meadows and limit pesticides to halt the decline of insect biodiversity

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Unless we act soon insect biodiversity and ecological systems will crash. The cost of mass insect extinctions to humanity on a global scale would of course be disastrous: from pollination, insects supporting biodiversity and as an increasingly important foodstuff for human populations the loss to our planet would be irredeemably bad. 

In the UK the National Trust and Wildlife Trust among others are doing their best to preserve and restore meadows, however their efforts are but a drop in the ocean compared to the meadowland that has been lost since the 1940s. 97% of meadows have been torn up and turned into intensive agricultural land or has been built upon. These massive habitat losses have decimated wildlife and biodiversity in our countryside in the UK and pesticide usage in agriculture has compounded the problem.

I believe that parliament seriously needs to consider robust and bold strategies to restore swathes of meadows, as charities cannot achieve this without legislative support, to further restrict harmful pesticides, and to encourage sustainable farming methods. The UK must become a world leader in the fight against loss of biodiversity in nature and show that ecological considerations must be at the forefront of politics and business if the future is not going to look very bleak.

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