Platform Screen Doors in more Central London Underground Stations

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London has a great underground service, taking us to everywhere we need in a short period of time, however, It’s not new that London Underground trains have been facing disruptions cause of people throwing or falling onto train tracks. Had myself been involved to help a young guy on 10th April 2018 that was close the edge to throw himself to the track of a coming train toward Brixton on Finsbury Park Underground Station, it urges the need to implement in more Central London Underground stations PLATFORM SCREEN DOORS (PSDs). At the moment just a few stations on Jubilee Line has this system. But we need more!! PSDs will protect people from falling into the tracks either by distraction, feeling sick or on tempt of suicide. If this makes sense to you help me with this petition to have implemented in our ALL Central London underground lines, a safety system that will benefit all.