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The TEXAS legislature seeks to legalize pollution. This is an end run to take away any legal recourse by any property owner that has been damaged by pollution emitted from a permitted source such as GAS WELL DRILLING , FRACKING and PRODUCTION.

This is a gross overreach by the TEXAS STATE legislature to stripping away protections for property owners to protect their property.  

To read the actual Senate Bill:

Show your disapproval of giving BIG BUSINESS a free hand to polute at will by signing this petition. The health and welfare of TEXANS depends on it.

UPDATE: The submitter of the bill has agreed to amend the bill to focus on the EPA vs TEXAS instead of the current generic version which could be applied to all pollution trespass. We shall wait and see what the amended version looks like before closing this petition. Thanks everyone for putting the pressure on the TEXAS Legislature

Letter to
Sharon Wilson
David McFatridge
Texas State House
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Texas State Senate
Texas Governor
I do not support the power grab by the Texas Legislature to strip away property rights from property owners that have been damaged by pollution. To take away the last recourse by a property owner to have their day in court is not the American way. Passing Senate Bill 875 will do just that.

Justice is not served if polluters are given a free pass to pollute without regard to the consequences witch could put the health and property values at risk.

The court system is capable of weeding out any frivolous laws suits, in fact this is often a case of David verses Goliath. David being the property owner while Goliath is a multi-billion dollar corporation.

I do not support taking away property owners right to their day in court, I hope you agree and will vote against SB 875.

Thank you for your time.

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