Petitioning American Kennel Club test and 2 others


Gassing domestic dogs by the MILLIONS every year is heartless and cruel. Kennel clubs are an authority on dogs and 12 litters per female is NOT accpetable when you consider that at 7 a dog becomes a "Senior".

There are 8-9 MILLION animals every year being killed in shelters across the us. Hundreds of Thousands of PUREBRED healthy dogs are being euthanized every year because of the overpopulation. Adding to this irresponsible behavior is puppy-Milling which takes advantage of being able to register limitless litters per female. Currently AKC allows 12 litters per female and ckc is limitless as well as adding many new categories for breeding abuse under "designer dogs" (registering the popular mix-breeds that are ending up in shelters at astounding number.

AKC/CKC  need to TAKE responsibility for this Dire situation and Limit litter registration to One litter per Female. This would be a big step in saving lives, we really cannot stand by and allow this heinous situation to continue. Gassing domestic pets or giving them lethal injections is heartless and cruel, and these are the lucky ones. Lives in cages, dog fighting and bait dogs, and countless other heartbreaking horrors are paraded before us daily. It is time the Kennel Clubs took a stance on this and admitted the horrible condition of millions and millions of dogs.

Gassing domestic pets is heartless and cruel. Other methods include lethal injection and gunshot to the head. Really, how civilized are we, and where is the oldest Kennel Club and what is your stance on this ongoing heartbreaking drama ? Dogs have been found to excel in so many tasks to humans everyday another miracle story surfaces.

Letter to
American Kennel Club test
Continental Kennel Club President
UKC President
LIMIT LITTER REGISTRATION TO TWO LITTERS PER FEMALE. THERE IS AN EPIDEMIC HOLOCAUST ONGOING BY THE THOUSANDS DAILY. PLEASE TAKE A STANCE ON THIS AND STOP THE PUPPY MILLS> Step up and Show your caring about these Dogs. Honest, How can any Kennel club who cares about dogs welfare allow 12 litters per female ?