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Tell Warner Bros. to Ensure Harry Potter Chocolates are Slavery Free


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In the cocoa fields of the Ivory Coast, child slavery is ‘normal.’ It’s routine. It’s accepted. Children as young as 7 are sold  deprived of their childhood, ripped from their families, and subjected to routine abuse  to work long, backbreaking days picking cocoa. And it all stems from our love of chocolate.

While many chocolate brands have made public commitments to find the best solution, Warner Bros. is lagging behind:

1. An independent investigation into their supplier Behr’s Chocolates led to a failing score of 1 out of 48 possible measures to ensure their operations are slavery-free;

2. Warner Bros. dismissed the findings of the investigation, simply stating that they were ‘satisfied’ that fair labour practices were being used in the production of their chocolates;

3. Given the conflicting information, outraged consumers asked Warner Bros. what steps were taken to ensure there was no slavery in Harry Potter Chocolates. Warner Bros. refused to respond.

As we head into one of the busiest times of the year for Warner Bros. theme parks. Children excited to experience the world of Harry Potter will be asking their parents to buy these chocolates. That’s why taking a stand right now will make a big impact.

Ask Warner Bros. what steps they’re taking to ensure Harry Potter chocolates are slavery-free.

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