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Celebrity chef and healthy school lunch advocate Jamie Oliver is filming his second season of the Emmy Award-winning Food Revolution in Los Angeles. However, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) refuses to show its school lunches on the program. In Oliver's own words, he can't get his foot into a single door. Students have voiced their disapointment that their school lunches won't benefit from the exposure and will likely remain "greasy" and "microwaved."

Oliver has opened a community kitchen in the L.A. area, and he had much success last season working with schools in West Virginia, who now cook most of their lunches from scratch using healthy ingredients. Step up, L.A., and let us see what you're serving. Let Food Revolution inside school cafeterias!

Photo: Jeff Sandquist via Flickr

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Recently, LAUSD refused to let sustainable chef and healthy school lunch advocate, Jamie Oliver, film inside L.A. school cafeterias. Oliver's show, "Food Revolution," has been pivotal in helping other schools offer healthier fare for students.

Oliver's show aims to shift Angelenos from processed and fast food to fresh foods and cooking at home. We can all agree that this is important, particularly for children. School cafeterias and students could greatly benefit from Oliver's guidance.

If the district is too ashamed to have its food on film, then it shouldn't be feeding it to school kids. I'd like to see the district prove that it isn't earning a failing grade when it comes to lunch. I urge you to reconsider your decision. Please let Jamie Oliver film "Food Revolution" inside school cafeterias.

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