Tell NYC Mayor to Save Summer Youth Employment!

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UPDATE: On April 7, the city announced plans to eliminate the SYEP program this summer. This is unacceptable!! Please help us fight back!


At a time when low-income families across New York City are in crisis, the government needs to use every opportunity it has to put cash directly into the hands of young people and families. That's why we are calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio to expand the city's Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) this year.

SYEP is the nation's largest youth employment program. It currently provides paid summer jobs to 75,000 NYC youth ages 14-24 every summer. But last year 151,000 young people applied for the program, meaning 76,000 were turned away due to lack of spots. 

• In the richest city on earth, we should be able to provide a summer job to every young person who wants one.

• Families around the city are in financial crisis. A paid summer job for a young person helps the whole family.

• If we can shift a 1.1 million student school system to remote learning in a week, we can certainly find a way to offer meaningful summer jobs to a fraction of that number of young people in 3 months, whether those jobs will be remote or in person.


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