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Tell Congress to pass the CECIL Act to fight trophy hunting of rare wildlife

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When I heard an American killed Cecil the lion, I felt sick to my stomach. I also felt embarrassed for our country. I know I am not alone in feeling concern, because people around the world reacted with horror to the needless killing of such an iconic African lion. A movement is building to protect rare wild animals, and I’m asking for your support to prevent future tragedies like what happened to Cecil. Please sign my petition telling Congress to pass the CECIL Act into law, which would place restrictions on trophy hunting of animals considered for endangered or threatened wildlife protections.

The Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large (CECIL) Animal Trophies Act may be our best chance to protect rare wild animals from getting killed for trophies and shipped here to the United States. Without this law, we leave animals around the world vulnerable to trophy hunting.

Right now, the Endangered Species Act prevents the import and export of wildlife already listed as endangered. The CECIL ACT would extend those protections to animals proposed for addition to the list. The CECIL ACT would prohibit the import of such hunting trophies into our country.

I’m at Harvard Law School right now to learn the most effective ways to protect animals from abuse and neglect. I know it’s important to show Congress that the public demands better laws. We must work together to make this change right now. Otherwise, big money from wealthy trophy hunters will drown out the compassionate voices of regular Americans like us.

By signing my petition, we can send a loud message to Congress that Americans want to protect rare wildlife. Tell Congress to pass the CECIL Act into law to protect animals like Cecil from trophy hunting.

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