Tell Congress to End VA’s Taxpayer-Funded Kitten Experiments and Adopt Out the Survivors!

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"The Veterans Administration is doing things to cats that would land an individual in jail, and you’re paying for it." -NEVADA CURRENT 

A new White Coat Waste Project (WCW) investigation reveals the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is purchasing, crippling, and killing 6-month-old kittens in secret government labs, and forcing you to pay for it.

The VA has wasted more than $8.4 million taxpayer dollars so far on these brutal experiments:

  • splitting cats’ spines open
  • implanting them with remote-controlled devices
  • inserting “fake poop” into their anuses
  • removing their brains

... all on your dime.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, WCW’s investigators have uncovered photographic and video evidence of the barbaric experiments, conducted at taxpayer-funded VA labs in Cleveland, Louisville, and Los Angeles.

We’ve exposed kittens who have names and histories, which are detailed in records we obtained.

Kittens like Copper, described as "active, friendly, playful to personnel," who was cut up and implanted with a remote-controlled device to make him urinate on demand. Copper could’ve been adopted out, but cruel government white coats killed him just before his second birthday.

Now, following our investigation, Congress is demanding answers. Led by Waste Warriors Reps. Dina Titus (D-NV) and Army veteran Brian Mast (R-FL), 30 lawmakers from both sides of the aisle signed a letter to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie expressing their “grave concerns about painful and outdated cat testing.” Rep. Mast is, in fact, one of seven veterans who signed the letter. And the media is also taking notice.

The VA is slated to buy and kill more cats just like Copper soon. This is not a drill: we’ve gotten hold of the authorization documents, purchase orders, and receipts.

WCW has made historic steps to find, expose, and defund the VA’s wasteful dog experiments. We’ve also shut down the government’s largest cat lab, the USDA’s notorious “kitten slaughterhouse,” and adopted the survivors into loving homes.

With your help, we’ll knock this one out next. Let’s “cut the crap” and send these VA kitten experiments to the litter box!

Please sign and share to END the VA’s cruel, wasteful, and unnecessary kitten crippling experiments — and make the VA retire out the survivors!

Thank you,

Anthony Bellotti
Founder and President
White Coat Waste Project