Stop the Pedophilia Sympathisers at TedX

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Recently TedX released a video on YouTube titled "Pedophilia is a Natural Sexual Orientation".

Any normal human being with sense understands the implications of having such sympathizers not only advocating pedophilia, but attempting to normalize it.

In a hurried attempt to undue what they had done, they censored the video from the public in an effort to hide what they have done. Thankfully we have the video here:!CR4jBIJK!wX7PRWWVQuZW6LROEquqt0q6t7LdsAzbgpyqwiJUpCw

Other similar videos advocating pedophilia as a sexual orientation are titled names such as "Let's Be Mature About Pedophilia" and can currently be found here

SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE. As TedX and other higher agencies involved are scrambling to put the cat back in the bag, and should be held accountable for promoting the endangerment of innocent children. #Pedogate #PedTalks