For health reasons colleges should not be opened till a vaccine for Corona is not found.

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India has vast majority of students and infrastructure is not there to accommodate them.  Each classroom in college have up to 100 to 120 students maximum. There cannot be maintained social distancing despite best possible efforts. Health of both students and teachers will be at risk if classes are started or examination is conducted for ongoing session. Handling questions papers, answers sheets, signature charts, sanitization of examination halls,benches is impossible without spreading Corona. Education sector is in for a big challenge and consequently big revolutionary changes to face the Corona Virus threat. One of them is to prepare and prefer online mode of teaching while colleges stay closed till a vaccine is found for Corona.  All parents teachers and their families will be exposed to health risk if classes or examinations are conducted. It requires foolproof planning to ward off threat of pandemic spread since a classroom is nothing but a crowd gathered to learn.Since educational authorities have no idea how they will be conducting everything without risking life of all stakeholders in practical,it  will be wise to not  open the colleges till a cure is found. Loss of a session can be compensated next year rather than putting all to speculation and fear of spreading the disease. This will save health sector as well from the pressure of burden of increasing patients . Please sign the petition to persuade authorities to follow the situation and recongnize our shortcomings in dealing with this new issue and help students, teachers and parents involved. Just remember two to three patients and whole of college will be quarantined. Better be safe than sorry.