Teabag manufacturers: STOP sealing teabags with plastic! We want safe teabags.

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Having recently embarked on a personal journey to reduce plastic pollution by boycotting products wrapped in unnecessary plastic packaging, I was horrified to learn that the majority of teabags are held together with a plastic heat sealant.

Recent research at a leading Canadian university  has shown that some plastic tea bags shed high levels of microplastics into water which is one issue. Another more disturbing one is the fact that millions of consumers are drinking plastic particles.

As a tea-lover, I find this scandalous, worrying and disgusting. Will this affect my health one day? Has it already affected it? I have been drinking British tea (encased in teabags) for decades now. 

To be perfectly honest, since being aware of this fact, I am not enjoying my regular cups of tea and have been stocking up on loose tea instead. However, I enjoy the practicality of teabags and would rather have teabags which I know are completely safe to use. 

According to a recent article published online by BBC news, ONLY ONE of the six leading brands (namely Pukka), avoids heat-sealing its teabags with plastic:

"The top six UK tea brands based on annual sales are:

1. Twinings£107.9m
2. PG Tips£98.7m
3. Yorkshire£97.6m
4. Tetley£89.8m
5. Pukka£22.6m
6. Clipper£13.2m"

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-50260687 published on 6th November 2019.

So, dear Twinings  PG Tips, Yorkshire, Tetley and Clipper, I and the other teabag-lovers who are signing my petition would like to ask you to stop heat-sealing your teabags with plastic and use a more healthy option such as stitching your teabags with cotton, so that your teabags are 100% plastic-free. We are urging you to stop being driven by profit in this case and take your consumers' health into consideration.


H. McKnight