Ban leg hold, conibear and wire noose trapping on Prince Edward Island

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Considering that PEI is the most densely populated province in Canada, there is no room for leg-hold or wire noose trapping on the island.  They are causing damage and killing people's pets and non target wild animals and are a barbaric and cruel relic that needs to be illegal now.  Our dog almost lost a paw to one on Loyalist Road.  And here's a quote from a recent post on Facebook:
"this person set Untagged traps disregarding the laws and regulations. (These traps are inhumane and are horribly painful! The more the dog tries to get free the tighter the loop becomes) The trapper killed my family dog Caper".  Even setting them legally is cruel and violent with most residences and pets so close to where traps may be set.  There is no place on PEI for these types of traps: