Remove the racist and harmful “Pursuit of Rare Meats” mural at Tate Britain’s Rex Whistler

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In the basement of the Tate Britain is an exclusive restaurant, painted wall to wall with a mural that depicts the enslavement of a black child, his distraught mother and of the child being dragged behind a horse and cart by a chain around his neck.

Tate Director Charles Aitken commissioned Rex Whistler to paint a mural for the gallery restaurant when it opened in 1927, it’s title-

“The Expedition in Pursuit of Rare Meat”

Last year they added a new ‘description of acknowledgement’ of racist imagery having been installed, yet the fundamental point of a high class restaurant (used primarily by an older white demographic) being installed with art of this horrific nature, is not being acknowledged as the harmful and hateful issue it is.

The tate boast that their restaurant has been described as “The Most Amusing Room in Europe” by the elite that visit for the wine list “long a whispered, greedy little secret among the capital’s bibulous”, however the reality of the room is truly grotesque. Where the older white demographic can go to enjoying their expensive gluttony whilst they view with amusement, a room purposefully painted with chained up black children, dragged along by white people, for a hunt. Sounds more like a concept for a horror film than what you would expect Britain’s largest Art institution to offer up as an exclusive dining experience.

“The Expedition in Pursuit of Rare Meats” was also restored in 2013 as part of a ‘£45m revamp’. Tate Britain allowing this overtly racist painting to remain for diners enjoyment is not acceptable.

Changes need to be made in either removing the painting from the restaurant or removing the restaurant from mural room itself - there simply should not be a dining experience open in this modern and multicultural Britain, where all races are not respected.