Support Taco Bell Workers: Help Keep Employees and Customers Safe.

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Family, friends, and community allies of Washington Taco Bell workers sign this petition to join our voices with workers demanding a healthy and safe workplace for Taco Bell employees and customers. Due to the COVID-19 Health Crisis, we are concerned that the workers’ current work situation imposes great risk onto them and their families! Workers are forced to choose between working while sick or spending weeks in quarantine without pay because Taco Bell does not provide paid time off! Few workers can afford to spend weeks without pay if they get sick and many risk bringing the virus back into their family homes!

Workers' lives are in danger. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the volume of customers has grown -- dramatically increasing the risk to workers’ lives and their family’s health. Workers can no longer in good conscience stand by without ensuring that their health and the health of their customers will be protected. 

Therefore, we call on Taco Bell to immediately provide: 1.) Hazard pay of $3 per hour for all workers including back pay; 2.) Up to a month of employer-paid sick leave for all workers; 3.) Thermometers for daily temperature readings of employees and/or an advanced health screening method; 4.) Increased labor allowance by 3% to help keep the store sanitized and provide higher quality service; and 5.) Ability to wear self-provided masks of equal or higher quality to those provided by Taco Bell.


We stand with all essential workers serving their fellow citizens in our time of need. We support all workers engaging in collective concerted activity to safeguard their health as is their federally protected right. We fully expect Taco Bell to respect workers' rights. Allies will watch to ensure they do. We call on Taco Bell to support workers and the communities that rely upon them everyday. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "The time is always right to do the right thing!"