Save the Mexican Pizza

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Decision Maker Response

Taco Bell’s response

Apr 18, 2022 — Wow. You did it. All 171,735 of you. You saved Mexican Pizza.

So, thank you.
Thank you for your signatures and support.
Thank you for every comment, tweet, and request.
Thank you to Krish Jagirdar for never giving up on Mexican Pizza and starting this petition.

And to our team members, we’re sorry for every time you’ve had to answer “when is Mexican Pizza coming back?”

Hopefully you’ve already read Krish’s message. But in case you haven’t, we’re thrilled to announce that Mexican Pizza will officially return to Taco Bell menus nationwide May 19!

Also, if there are any Taco Bell Rewards members here, you may remember a mysterious IOU from back in February during that big-sports-game-we’re-not-legally-allowed-to-mention? Yeah, well, it’s a free Mexican Pizza.
And? It’s redeemable beginning May 19.
And? Loyalty members get first dibs with early access beginning May 17.

We’ll have more to say soon. But until then, one last time…

Thank you.

And now, some words we’re legally required to include:
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