Don't end protection for Syracuse animals!

Don't end protection for Syracuse animals!

73,143 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!
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Syracuse Police Chief Buckner and Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh

Why this petition matters

Started by Cuse Pit Crew

The Syracuse Police Department has gained national notoriety for their animal cruelty investigation unit. With a highly trained Syracuse Police Animal Cruelty investigator at the helm, dozens of animals have been rescued, those committing crimes have been held accountable, and education and resources have been provided to members of the community to increase safety. So, it's no surprise to hear of our collective disappointment when learning of the decision to end this extremely beneficial program which has helped both animals and people in this community. 

Batman is a dog that would be dead if it wasn't for the work of the Syracuse animal cruelty department. Left tied to the roof of an abandoned building, this broken dog was suffering in immeasurable ways. It was the work of the SPD that allowed him a second chance with a local rescue group. Batman is just one of countless animals saved at the hands of our committed SPD Animal Cruelty Officer. 

The current SPD Animal Cruelty Investigator has made a long-lasting impact with the people in the community as well. The investigator, along with other advocates, came together to assist one woman in need, helping her to secure her fence so that her dog was safe; thus, creating peace of mind for the pet owner, as well as minimizing the public safety issue of a loose dog on the street. 

The work of the SPD Animal Cruelty Investigator has been a game changer for all of CNY, leading to the following benefits:

1. There is an increased positive presence in the community at a time when law enforcement is being heavily scrutinized by the public. The most positive, shared stories on social media relate to animal cases. The members of the community widely support this position and it fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between the Syracuse Police Department and the city’s residents.

2. There is an increased opportunity to prevent crimes through education and support.  The past and current SPD Animal Cruelty Officers have cultivated relationships with members of the community; oftentimes receiving gratitude and earning respect from residents as they teach and assist those in need as it relates to their animals, while preventing the potential of subsequent neglect and/or cruelty.

3. The presence of an SPD Animal Cruelty officer has led to increased prevention of and exposure to other non-animal related crimes. Over the past 30 years, professionals have established significant correlations (the “Link”) between animal abuse, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, elder abuse and other violent crimes. ( The SPD Animal Cruelty Officer can best assist with handling any non-animal related crimes she may encounter while responding to animal related concerns.
Due to the monumental positive impact this position has had on our community, the City of Syracuse has risen to be at the forefront in the country on how to handle animal cruelty cases.  Other municipalities have approached us for our guidance and leadership. Instead we are now considering taking a huge leap backwards by contracting out to a private organization, which ultimately leads to various challenges, including but not limited to accountability issues and ultimately, a less safe Syracuse community.

Those signing the petition recognize the value of the work of the SPD Animal Cruelty Officer and its impact on both animals and people in CNY and beyond. 

Each organization listed below is a stakeholder in this program and has partnered with the SPD in some fashion to help protect the animals and community. As a united front, the following sponsors are requesting that Syracuse Police Chief Buckner and Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh reinstate the Syracuse Police Animal Cruelty Officer position. We also request that the City of Syracuse publicly commits to the sustainability of this critical work.

Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse
B&R Bunkhouse (aka the City of Syracuse Shelter)
CNY Animal Cruelty Task Force
CNY Pet Training & Behavior
Cuse Pit Crew
Fixing to Help
Fetch a Friend Rescue
Humane CNY
Recycle A Bull Bully Breed Rescue
Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter 
Volunteer Advocate Lawyer for Animal Abuse Court (VALAC)

73,143 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!